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We believe in a future where your home can be just as powerful as a doctor’s office.

Our top priority: You.

Our health data is our most private data. We take pride in protecting our user's data by never storing any identifiable health information for any of our users. Ever. In fact, your results only ever live in one place....your own phone.

Our Mission.

At Lue, we’re on a mission to help you take the guesswork out of your health. More frequent testing will not only catch potential problems earlier, but that it will help everyone better understand their own personal baseline of health. Healthy habits are always a popular topic of discussion, but how can you truly know that your input (diet, stress, exercise, sleep, etc) is healthy without being able to measure the output?

Our monthly testing kit is just the beginning. In the future, your home will be just as powerful as the doctor’s office. Research around biomarkers in stool and urine continues to progress and excite everyone in the scientific community. Join us as we set out to make ambiguity about our body a thing of the past.

The Leadership Team

Meet some of the faces behind Lue.

  • Stephen Silber

    Co-Founder / CEO

  • Joseph Casucci


  • Benjamin Lerner


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