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Where is my data stored?
‍We do not store any of your personal health data. Ever. All personal data is stored and protected on your device. The only data that leaves your device is the image of the strip and color card, but that is sent and stored anonymously and can never be traced back to you.
When should I take the test?
‍We recommend taking the test at the same time during the day each time you test. To get the most accurate results, you should try to test in the morning before eating or drinking anything. Since you have to wait 2 minutes for the test results to be ready, we often recommend doing a test when you brush your teeth in the morning.
Do you have any reviews of this done by medical professionals as for the accuracy of the measurements?
‍We have medical professionals on our advisory board and do random sampling to verify that the results we give are highly accurate.
Is there an Android version?
‍Our Android app is currently in the works. If you have an Android device and would like to use the strips, please fill out this form to help us understand how many Android users are waiting and get a chance to test the app early!
Do the test kits ever expire?
When the pouch remains unopened, the strip inside should remain valid for up to 18 months. Each strip will have an expiration date stamped on it, and all strips that arrive in your package will last for the entire year.
Is your app free?
‍Yes, our app will always be free and is meant to be a companion to the strips.
Are there premium features in the app, or do I just need to buy the test kit?
Information in the app will never live behind a paywall. We do our best to consolidate all of the information about the test results, but we suggest consulting your doctor for any recommendations.
How are the results given? Actual numbers or just a ‘wellness score’?
We provide the result for each test. The results for each test can be tracked over time to better understand the impact of each type of health indicator.
If I want to use these tests for my family, do they need to download the app on separate devices?
Currently, we only support a single user per device. We may revisit this in the future, but we recommend using a separate device for each family member.
Are there any bundle deals for more frequent testing?
We offer bundles for monthly or weekly testing. If you'd like to purchase in a larger quantity at a discount, please reach out to us at
How does the information get from the test kit to the app?
‍Our app uses machine learning and computer vision to interpret the photo of the strip and color card. That information is then sent back to your phone and stored locally on the device and displayed in the app.
Do I need the app to see the results or can I see them on the test card?
‍You need the app to see results.
Is there a wholesale account or affiliate?
We have an affiliate program for users. You can learn more by contacting us at
How is Lue's monthly test kit different than normal urine strips?
‍Lue adds functionality on top of normal urine strips by tracking them in our app. This helps you visualize your results over time, letting you see if or when your biomarkers change.
Do you plan to integrate with Apple Health?
‍Currently, none of Apple Health's categories match the test results of the strip. As more categories are added, we hope to offer an Apple Health integration.
Am I able to claim this as a HSA/FSA purchase?
This is not currently possible, but we hope to make it possible in the future.
What should I do if I see an unusual result during the test?
‍Although bad readings can happen, we usually suggest consulting your doctor to verify the results or retest.
Are the Lue test kits FDA cleared?
‍Although our app is not yet FDA cleared, the test strips included in each test kit are the same used by doctors and are carefully packaged in an ISO-certified facility.
Does Lue have any plans for blood tests in the future?
‍We have no plans for blood tests, but we do hope to expand the number of urine tests we support!
How accurate is it compared to going to a regular physician?
‍Lue is not meant to be a substitute for visiting your doctor, but the strips we use are the same ones often used by physicians to run urinalysis tests at the doctor's office. We just let you take additional tests at home so that you aren't waiting 12 months between tests!
How often should I take the tests?
‍How often you take the test is up to you. We have two separate packs to cater towards monthly and weekly testing.
‍Can I use a strip more than once?
‍No, both the strips and the cards are single use and are meant to be thrown away after you use them.

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