Why testing matters

Isn't it about time you feel totally in control and up to speed on what's going on with your body?

Catching something early shouldn't feel lucky.

Usually, when a doctor “catches something early,” people talk about it as if it’s a rare stroke of good luck. Our take: early detection shouldn’t be rare or reserved for the “lucky.”

Adults in US with a Chronic Disease
6 in 10
Adults in US with multiple Chronic Diseases
4 in 10
Annual healthcare costs due to Chronic Diseases

Who needs to test?

Chronic diseases affect approximately 133 million Americans, representing more than 40% of the total population of this country. By this year, that number is projected to grow to an estimated 157 million, with 81 million having multiple conditions (source).

Between your annual checkups, there’s ample time for health conditions to progress. Often, we don’t experience symptoms until it’s too late. This is why it is so important to actively monitor your health and take preventative steps to ensure you have a healthy future. And if health wasn't enough, more than 75% of all health care costs are due to chronic conditions.

Benefits of testing

By understanding your health indicator results, we can suggest lifestyle changes that will help give you:

  • Improved mental clarity
  • Reduced heart disease risk factors
  • Improved mood and cognition
  • Preserved muscle mass
  • Improved brain function
  • Fat loss
  • Improved endurance and performance

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